Rob Eagle (b 1983, USA; working Bristol, UK) is an interdisciplinary artist, making work in formats from film to audio and interactive installations. While often using documentary audio and film footage for subject matter, he considers the elements of light and sound to be his key materials, layering them both in ways that are activated by the presence of the visitor. By drawing attention to the illusory or material properties of light and/or audio, his work invites audiences to play with sensors, digital objects and physical space. Such participatory work forces the audience to question their assumptions of gender, the body and sensory perception. 

Rob trained in making linear film and audio documentary and has been working in interactive formats such as VR, AR and installations since 2016. He is currently finishing his practice-based PhD at UWE Bristol, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council. 

Through the Wardrobe
AR installation

The Veldt
Interactive music-light installation

OINK! (installation)
Multiscreen expanded cinema

Empathy Museum
Contributing audio producer, 2015-present